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What does design mean to you?

For us, it’s about passion. It’s a way of showing our personality within all the objects around us. It’s a collection of art and heritage that we will leave behind for our family. Every single object, every little detail is important in our lives.

This passion was passed on by our parents since we were young. We grew up with the belief that every single object, including the clock on the wall to the sofa could affect our happiness in life. After that, the desire to learn more about the companies history continued to grow bigger and bigger.

The idea of Skedio was born from Ugo but was quickly adopted by Olivier. Together our goal is to make design accessible for everyone, by offering the best customer service and shipping process. We want to share our passion for design so our customers can love it as much as we do. Skedio is a web platform but we want it to be a community and a family.  

We would love to hear your feedback from these questions through our email. What does design mean to you? And tell us, what products attract to you the most and what products would you like to see on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ugo & Olivier

SKEDIO is from the Greek word "σχέδιο" which means "design".

Kartell about us skedio


In 2019, Kartell celebrates its 70th anniversary, 70 years of history and iconic products. The history of Kartell begins in Italy with the chemist Giulio Castelli and the architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Times were tough in this post-war Italy and the couple wanted to bring back some colors and joy to Italian homes. Plastic was then the material of choice for this mission. In 1988, Kartell passed into the hands of the couple's son-in-law, Claudio Luti. Mr. Luti's mission was to expand the brand worldwide. Luti then decided to work with the world's leading designers in order to create products (furniture, decorative accessories and lighting) that can only be produced with Kartell's innovation and technology. Kartell's designers include Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni, Ferruccio Laviani, Eugeni Quitllet and many others.

Artemide about us skedio


Founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide equals innovation and design. The Italian lighting company has quickly become a worldwide leader in this field. Many of its products are found in museums around the world and major TV series such as MadMan and Suits. The most famous lamp in its collection is without any doubt the Tolomeo designed by Michele De Lucchi. This lamp was so popular that the company made several versions like the Tolomeo Mega or the Tolomeo Exterior. Another lamp that certainly does not go unnoticed by its unique design and innovative technology is the Richard Sapper’s Tizio. Artemide is a guarantee of quality, continuous innovation and timeless design.

Emeco about us skedio


Emeco is probably one of the most intriguing design companies. In 2019, Emeco celebrates 75 years, but it was far from recognized for its design at its beginning. Indeed, in 1944, Emeco was mandated to create a solid, durable and rustproof chair for ... the US Navy! The famous Navy chair was intended to be in the submarines of the United States during the Second World War. Victim of its own success (the chair was so durable that it had an estimated lifespan of more than 150 years), the company was heading straight to bankruptcy. After being taken over by Jay Buchbinder and then, by his son, Gregg, Emeco entered the world of design. Several renowned designers, such as Philippe Starck and Ettore Sottsass, had also used the Navy chair in their own projects. Now, Emeco is synonymous with ecology and quality. The American company manufactures all its products from recycled materials and they are handmade! The Navy, 111 Navy, Broom, Hudson and Alfi are icons of modern design.

Pablo designs about us skedio

Pablo Designs

With an uncompromising dedication to simplicity and utility, Pablo Designs’ lighting has become a sign of quality around the world. Founded in 1993 in San Francisco, Pablo Designs combines a palette of the most interesting materials with a timeless design that will go through the years with brilliance. What we particularly like about Pablo Designs is that their products always value permanence and durability. Their mission is to create lighting that strengthen the relationship between objects, their users and their environments. Among the star lights of the company, we find the Solis, Bola Disc, Cielo and Pixo.

Ethnicraft about us skedio


Ethnicraft is renowned for its use of noble materials, its environmental commitment and craftsmanship. You see, the Belgian company prioritizes the use of materials such as oak, teak and marble when it comes time to create a new product. Having the environment at heart, Ethnicraft uses teak from old warehouses in Indonesia as well as oak and walnut from well-managed forests in Europe and America. In addition, the company works closely with various countries where the material comes from in order to comply with the different strict policies on replanting and the amount of trees that can be teared down. The company even has a "zero waste" policy! Finally, they manufacture a good amount of their products in a completely artisanal way which assures us a higher quality. In Ethnicraft’s collection, you will find tables, chairs, stools, buffets and many more!

Camino about us skedio


Camino's design is fusional. A design that is inspired by the diversity of Camino’s team. Coming from different countries, including the United States, Denmark and China, each member of the team has had unique life experiences. This impressive mixture creates a unique and minimalist design to their products. At Camino, they believe that people's lives change a lot and that people are more likely to move unto new experiences. Camino's items follows your lifestyle and makes you feel at home no matter where you are!

Ardoma creation about us skedio

Ardoma Creations

Founded in 2015 by the designer Dror Kaspi, Ardoma is a lighting company. Ardoma prioritizes concrete in the design of its lighting. Usually a cold material, the Israeli company gives a unique touch to concrete. The unique shapes and colors of Ardoma's fixtures offer an elegant and refined look to any space. At Skedio, we literally fell in love with the design and quality of these lamps.

Miraz about us skedio


Miraz is a company that specializes in high-quality LED mirror design. By its delicacy and elegance, Miraz’s modern mirrors will make your daily life easier, while becoming an essential product from dawn to dusk. At Skedio, we particularly value the company's desire to innovate and create products that will last through the years with their timeless design, quality and high-end manufacturing. The LED-illuminated mirrors can be found in both a bathroom and a closet, providing two-tone lighting, warm white (3000K) and cool white (5000K).

Maison milan about us skedio

Maison Milan

Born from a passion for design and cuisine, Maison Milan reinvents everyday objects by showcasing noble materials of exceptional quality. Dedicating his life to design, Quebec’s designer Tony Gaudette surrounds himself with international renown designers and values partnerships where the creative process is put forward. For us, Maison Milan's products are elegant, sober, fascinating to the touch and captivate our attention. With its high quality and timeless design, these items will accompany you through your day to day in one of the most important rooms of the house, the kitchen! Combining a love for cooking and design, you will come across the charm of the Sofia pepper mill, the Lena rolling pin, the Patrizio apron or the reinvented Simona knife.

24bottles about us skedio


With the mission of freeing the planet from all disposable plastic bottles, the Italian brand 24Bottles was born in 2013. 24Bottles offers high-quality, durable stainless steel water bottles for daily hydration. The Italian company is recognized around the world for its isothermal bottles that keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. In addition, their minimalist and colorful design will follow you throughout your life! Much more than a trendy company, 24Bottles is a carbon neutral company. This means that the company is currently creating a forest in order to compensate for the Co2 generated during the manufacturing, distribution and transportation of its products.

Essential about us skedio


Made from recycled materials, Essent'ial bags are produced for love, with love and respect for nature. Founded in 2006, all Essent'ial products are designed by Albano Ghizzoni. Comfortable, unique and durable, these bags are made in Italy.

Tat about us skedio


A graduate in industrial design from Université de Montréal, Tat Chao is a designer from Quebec who deserves to be known. Eternal to all, Tat has worked in the field of graphic design, exhibition and furniture. After graduating from Studio Architecti Donegani & Lauda in Milan, Tat works at GSM Design between Montréal and Singapore. He then created his own company "Tat », where he devotes himself to object design. It is possible to find in his collection home accessories, lighting, furniture, jewelry, etc. Eclectic, unclassifiable and timeless, his objects often arouse questioning, curiosity and surprise. For Tat, creativity has no boundaries!

Atelier stobben about us skedio

Atelier Stōbben

Created in Quebec, Atelier Stōbben specializes in the manufacture of modern lighting. Coming from a long line of designers and manufacturers, Paul Neudorf combines his experience in experimental video art, modern dance and his environmental consciousness to create lamps with a minimalist design. All fixtures are made from durable materials - wood, metal and concrete.

Guzzini about us skedio


Guzzini is an Italian company that is over 100 years old and specializes in the design and production of household items. The company seeks to bring joy and color to any living spaces. Guzzini's mission is to improve the quality of life on a daily basis by making every moment of the day a special moment. The Italian company has worked over the years with leading designers such as Antonio Citterio, Ross Lovegrove, Ettore Sottsass, Karim Rashid and many others.

Architectmade about us skedio


Celebrating timeless and quality products, Architectemade is a Danish company that promotes sustainable consumption. Architectmade takes pleasure in producing products from leading Danish architects who have never been lucky enough to be made. These objects show an elegant simplicity and refined knowledge. The quality of Archnitectemade is not debatable. Indeed, the company passes three cycles of quality control to each of its products which guarantees an high-end quality that allows objects to stand the test of time. For the Danish company, quality is always timeless.

Atelier cocotte about us skedio

Atelier Cocotte

Founded in 2010 by Isabelle Auger, Atelier Cocotte imagines and manufactures magnificent Canadian wood veneer lighting. Inspired by nature, flowers and nuts, Atelier Cocotte's designer lamps offer a warm light to the environment. What is particularly interesting with this company is that choosing their lamps is truly an ecological and local choice!

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